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We all share this land and reside here together.

The history of The Dupont by the Castle BIA area goes back several hundred years to the early days of white settlement in Canada, but by no means originates then. Literally thousands of years before European explorers and traders arrived here, First Nations people lived and worked here in what is now the GTA.

There were several trails and pathways throughout the area where they travelled, traded and gathered.

A large population of indigenous people still live here amidst the diverse residents of this city.

Inspired by the work of the Ogimaa Mikana Project, (an indigenous art and reclamation group) The Dupont By The Castle BIA contacted their representatives who provided advice and assistance. The BIA worked with city departments to create and display several new custom street signs that display both the original Anishnaabe names and the current newer English name versions.

The signs are a symbol of the fact that we all share this land and reside here together.

The BIA hopes to spur interest and dialogue about First Nations history and contribute to awareness, education and reconciliation among all people.

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